Updating Agency Profiles for Tech Partners

How to update settings on agency profiles.

Updating Agency Profiles for Tech Partners

Changing partner status or tier

1. Click on a single partner:

2. Update partner status using the status drop-down. By default partners are hidden until this drop-down has been changed to public. Hit the purple save button in the upper right-hand corner.

3. To change the partner’s tier, click on the tier drop-down and select desired tier.

Adding or changing badges (optional section)

1. Click on the Badge drop-down and pick desired badge. These badge name and files associated with them are managed within the directory settings.

2. The badge image associated with the badge chosen will show on the partner profile under the logo section.

Updating the about section

1. The about section is where the partner name, website, about information and logo are set. These can be changed at any time. The partner company description includes option to bold, italicize, and underline text. In addition, the text editor gives the option to use numbers or bullets for listed items.

2. To update the logo, click in the partner logo screen or simply drag the PNG or JPG into the area designated for the partner logo. The logo can be replaced at any time by clicking ‘Replace image’.

Updating the location section (optional section)

1. Set the primary location by choosing the country, state/province, and city. To add additional locations click ‘+ Add Location’. This will add another location drop-down section to choose country, state/province and city for as many locations as needed.

Note: Primary location and additional locations can either be set here so users can find agencies within a more granular search, or the filters can be used to set location. Only the primary location shows on a single partner page, but can be used when running a search feature. For example, the agency shown below would show up in a search for agencies in San Diego, California.

2. Once the additional location information has been filled in, click ‘done’.

3. From here, the additional location can be removed by clicking the red X or additional locations can be added by clicking ‘+ Add Location’ and repeat the steps of filling in country, state/province, and city.

Primary location shown here on the partner page.

Adding a testimonial

1. Click ‘+ Add Testimonial.’

2. Fill in name, job title, and company name fields. These fields are all optional. Then add the actual testimonial text and click ‘Done.’

3. Only one testimonial can be added to each agency. The testimonial can always be edited by clicking edit or removed by clicking the red X.

Updating the agency showcase - past work and videos (optional)

1. To add past work, first click on ‘+ Add past work.’

2. After clicking ‘+ Add past work’, fill in The title of the work, description, and simply upload the file that is going to be featured. A JPG, PNG, or PDF can be uploaded.

3. After dragging the file into the upload area, click done and the work will be added to the partner page.

4. From here, you can add past work, edit existing work, or delete past work.

5. The partner’s work will be shown as thumbnails until the user clicks on a thumbnail, which will show the work larger along with the description in a pop up window. The user will have the option of scrolling through the work by hitting next or previous.

This is an example of how the work looks like in the pop up window. Clicking next or previous will show the additional work.

Adding and Updating videos

1. To add videos, first click on ‘+ Add video.’

2. Add the video name and URL, and click Done. Make sure to grab the embed URL, which can be found in the ‘share’ options.

4. From here, you can add additional videos, edit existing videos, or delete videos.

5. The videos will be shown beneath the past work section on the single partner page. To play the videos, click on the thumbnail and play them within the pop up window. Clicking previous and next will allow the user to go to the next or previous video within the pop up window.

This is an example of how the videos look in the pop up window. Clicking next or previous will show the additional videos.

Adding client logos

1. Click ‘+ Add Client.’

2. Fill in the company name and either drag and drop the client logo or click within the dotted line to pull open a screen to locate the PNG/JPG.

3. From here, the logo can be edited, deleted, or additional logos can be added by clicking ‘+ Add Client’ and repeating the previous process.

Adding resources

1. Click ‘+ Add resource’

2. Resources can either be links to a URL or an image/PDF can be uploaded. For a link, add the name of the resource and then the URL dedicated to the image/PDF.

3. To upload an image or PDF, click on that option, add the name of the resource and drag the image/PDF into the dotted lined area.

4. Once the PDF/image has been uploaded, click ‘Done.’

5. After clicking done, the resource will be added to the list of resources and can always be edited or removed.

Editing filters

1. Click the appropriate check boxes that apply to the agency. These are controlled in the Directory settings.

Make sure to always hit ‘Save’ in the upper right-hand corner to save changes.